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Just add hot water (120ml to 150ml), and your coffee is READY..

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15 Sachets with each 32g of rich High Grade Quality Chocolate sauce.

It probably looks the same once the coffee beans roasted. In actuality, there are over 100 different species of coffee beans. When it comes to your daily cup, Arabica and Robusta that really matter.


Arabica is recognized as the most full-grained coffee bean in the world, tends to have a smoother, sweeter and lighter taste. With flavour notes of sugar, fruits or berries, they can pack fruity and zesty flavours.  The hints of winey taste come with higher acidity. Arabica is premium-ranked, thus, ends up being pricier.


Robusta, on the other hand, has a stronger and more bitter taste, with grain-like overtones. They contain twice as much caffeine as arabica beans. Some Robusta beans, however, are of high quality and valued especially in espressos for their deep flavour. They are, however, easier to grow and yield more crop than the Arabicas.

Marseille soap or Savon de Marseille is a traditional hard soap made from vegetable oils that has been produced around Marseille, France, for about 600 years. The first documented soap maker was recorded there in about 1370. By 1688, Louis XIV introduced regulations in the Edict of Colbert limiting the use of the name Savon de Marseille to olive oil-based soaps. Marseille has been the famous place for soap production and exporter.
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