Face Towel Hot compress

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Face Mask Towel Facial Mask Towel Steam Face Towel😍Dual use

🔥Hot Use🔥

✔️Suitable for use before skin care products

✔️Suitable for use before mask 🧊

Cold Use🧊

✔️Suitable for use after applying mask

✔️Suitable for use after microneedling

✅Double layer of Fiber✨

✅Skin moisturizing, hot compress uses towel temperature to accelerate blood circulation on the face and remove trash from pores✨

✅After use, it can speed up the skin’s nutrient absorption of skin care products✨

✅Micron spinning slippery yarn material, no lint, easy to clean, no discoloration✨

✅The pile is plump and fluffy, thick and soft, and has strong water absorption✨

Material: Superfine fiber Size: 24X24cm Ingredient content: 81% (inclusive)-90% (inclusive) Product Type: Washable















材质:超细纤维 尺寸:24X24cm 成分含量:81%(含)-90%(含) 产品类型:可水洗


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