PREMIUM GIFT SET (4pcs Per Set) Cold Process Handmade Soap

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Made with natural ingredients.
NO foaming agent such as SLS/ SLES
NO artificial colourant
NO artificial fragrance/scent
NO synthetic ingredients
NO Paraben/preservative
✅Free 1 bubble net
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What is handmade soap?

Generally, handmade soap could be done by cold or hot process. It is done by workmanship and produced in small and limited batches.

LeSavon x NateNatural handmade Soap are made from scratch with the cold process methods, using quality vegetable oils and natural ingredients at low temperature to retain the ingredients nutrition. 

We carefully choose all natural ingredients to keep your skin healthy,

  • Skin loving food grade vegetable oils as the soap’s oil base, 
  • Mineral clay as natural colourant, botanicals,
  • Merbs or spices or other natural ingredients are used to achieve the soap texture, and 
  • Plant-based essential oil as the scent. 
  • Additionally, some of our handmade soap contain goat milk that will bring extra moisture to keep our skin hydrate. 

For those with sensitive skin, handmade soap is definitely helps to soothe and calm the dryness, red rashes and itchiness. 


Why LeSavon x NateNatural?

LeSavon x NateNatural have experience more than 6 years in handmade soap. Firstly started with breastmilk soaps that transforms mommy’s precious golden drops and love into a real products to continue nourish and keep the family members skin healthy. With a lot of good feedback on the works we done, we gain more strength and confident to move forward to share to more people the benefits of handmade soap. Before the products on shelf, we definitely try each type of them personally. We are always keen to produce healthy products that really helps the people around us especially with skin problems. And we are ambitious to spread the benefits of handmade soaps and related products to retain our environment safety and healthy as well. To give our next generation a better world start from us.



What is the difference of commercial vs handmade soap?

Commercial soaps available in the super market today are manufactured in large factories staffed with anonymous employees, using the most economical ingredients available. Often they contain some or all synthetic detergents that can be harmful to your skin if used over a long period of time. These detergents also disrupts the natural function of the skin as well as causing allergic reaction to those with skin sensitivities. Not only that, most commercial soaps have the glycerin removed to be used in other skincare products that sells at higher price.

Handmade soaps, on the other hand, are carefully made in small batches with the personal oversight and care of the soap maker and do not contain the potentially harmful chemicals found in commercial soaps. Furthermore, handmade soap that flows down the drain while washing is bio-degradable making it environmental friendly.

People who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, or severe dry skin will see improvement very quickly by switching to handmade soaps. Our handmade soaps are made of skin loving vegetable oils and butters that are rich in vitamins to help your skin stay soft and healthy.

What is Glycerin?

Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soap making process. It serves as a humectant that attracts and retains moisture on your skin such as natural skin lotion in handmade soap. Most commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerine from the soap, process and then sell it to other industries where it is used in the pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, and other products. With handmade soaps, glycerine remains in the soap. The end result is mild, pure soap that gently cleanses your skin without being harsh, irritating or drying.


Benefits of using handmade soap

Handmade soap provided the benefits that your skin will really thank you for,

  1. Made with natural ingredients. Our handmade soaps are made in small batching that we carefully choose the ingredients with, we monitor the quality of each bar of soaps before on shelf.
  2. Free from harmful chemical ingredients. Our handmade soaps contains, 
  • NO foaming agent such as SLS/ SLEs that have the ability to pollute our water resources. 
  • NO synthetic ingredients that could trigger sensitive skin symptom.
  • NO artificial colourant. We use mineral clay as colourant.
  • NO artificial fragrance/scent. We use natural plant-based essential oil as scent.
  • NO Paraben/preservative. 
  1. Glycerin remain in handmade soap. Glycerin, the by-product of handmade soap serves as humectant is retained in the soap body itself and keep our skin hydrate after shower. 
  2. Get rid of irritating and drying skin ever after. We are using all natural ingredients that won’t bring any burden to our skin to detoxify them from our body. The symptom of irritating, drying, skin flakes, red rashes, will definitely lessen down.
  3. Save our planet. Did you know? Our natural ingredients of handmade soap are easily biodegraded by micro-organism in our drainage within 24 hours. Compared to chemical substances that will need longer time to biodegrade. Therefore, using handmade soap is the best choice that not only save your skin but we save our planet at the same time with one action. 


How to Extend the Life of a Handmade Soap?

To ensure that your handmade soap bar last as long as possible,

  1. Never let it stand in water.
  2. Use bubble net or soap dish allows the water to drain completely away from the soap.
  3. Allowing it to dry between uses. 
  4. Alternatively use 2 pieces of handmade soaps. 

With a little care, your handmade soap will last just as long as commercial soaps.