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Kacip Fatimah 100MG (100:1)

  • HOLISOM is formulated with high-quality natural herbs: Labisia Pumila 100: 1 Extract 100% active ingredients help to regulate female hormones and maintain a healthy female reproductive system. Rich in phytoestrogens and isoflavones to relieve menopausal symptoms.
    • 100% natural herbs
    • No artificial additives and chemicals MAL registration
    • Accepted in 10 countries
    • Scientifically proven
    • Traditionally used for female after childbirth
    • Improves energy and vitality for women

Naté Natural Argan Serum


We present our refined essence – rich in essential nutrients to nourish skin and hair.

Product specifications
30 ML
Glass dropper

Naté Natural Body Magic Cream


Can make you have a perfect body shape without any side effects.

• Recognized and certified by KKM
• Natural and safe ingredients
• 150 ML

Sky Fruit Extract 100MG (100:1)


Divine Health – From The Inside Out

Traditional Used To :
• Promotes Healthy Cardiovascular System
• Improve Blood circulation
• Improve blood pressure
• Lowering cholesterol naturally
• Lowering glucose level in blood

Tongkat Ali Root Extract 100MG (100 : 1)


Traditionally used to enhance strength, vitality and energy in men. Relieves general tiredness, weakness and fatigue during physical exertion in men.

Health Benefits :

  • Builds and strengthens bones & muscles
  • Promotes hair growth & hair quality improves
  • Improves stamina & energy Level
  • Increases lean body mass & sustains weight loss
  • Controls emotions & boosts confidence
  •  Boosts sex drive & enhances sexual satisfaction
  • Improves erectile function & sperm quality