Propolinse Mouth Wash 600ml

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Japan best seller Propolinse mouth wash which contain catechin from green tea extract and propolis from honey. It is contain honey which removes bacteria, bad breath, and plaque, brightens teeth, and prevents tooth decay. It is best seller in Japan which you see it anywhere in cosmetic shop. It is suitable to use for kids also.

Use Guide: 1. Propolinse on the dosage (10 ml-15 ml Cap half) involves the mouth, 20 seconds-exhale from the rinse 30 seconds. After rinsing procedure 2.1 product containing the mouth, try brushing with a toothbrush. Close the CAP tightly after use and keep. * Because it is not oral solution, do not drink. Note * this type comes out masses of Brown’s “dirty protein” is not. -It is not oral solution, do not drink. -Use according to usage and capacity. -Had symptoms of allergy, such as abnormalities in the mouth, rash, asthma, If you stop using your, please consult your doctor. -Keep out of reach of infants and toddlers to. -No quality problem may be clouded if the freezing preservation. Original Japan packaging



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